Maureen Waititu has come clean on her break up with Frankie Just GymIt.

They had promised their followers - which was a large following - that they will come clean on what happened because they felt they owe their loyal fans that. Many people were so invested in their relationship.

In an interview, she confessed that she still loves him and will love him forever as her first love.

I still love Frankie. In fact, too much and I will forever. He is my fast and true love

Even with all that, Maureen says she will not want to work things out with him ever.

I do not regret having met or been with  him but I will not try to fix things with him

So what really happened between them for them to end a six-year relationship?

"In life especially in the 21st century, marriage is different. When there is trouble in the marriage, we run instead of fixing it. In simple terms instead of fixing, we opted to separate. Our marriage had normal issues, I used to wake up every day with no joy."Maureen said

She went further to explain it was the small things that affected the marriage.

"It was as bad as telling someone I prefer it done like this he does it his own way. You get to a point you see you're on different paths and so I decided instead of being in an unhappy marriage where I am in a lot of stress, there is no need," She added

Massawe asked her why she would leave a marriage because she is not happy because even in her marriage and many others, there are days her husband will make her so mad but she will never leave.

Maureen Waititu said with Frankie, it is not something that happened once, it was a pileup.

"You see this is not something that happened once. I fought for the marriage and I got to the end of the fight and I gave up. There is no need to be in a marriage where you do not even talk or look at each other there is need. We'd rather separate and have a good environment to raise the kids."

During the interview, there was no time she bad-mouthed him and she said it is because she loves him and he is the father of her children which is more important.

We are still waiting for Frankie's side of the story to at least get a fill on what really happened between the 'power couple'.