Nicah The Queen has finally found another man who has put a smile on her face after her breakup with Dr. Ofweneke.

If her allegations are anything to go by, she deserves a man who will make her happy and assure her she is enough.

Nicah went on a trip and from her Instagram video's we thought she was alone until she shared a picture of her and a man romantically holding her.

Then we say his legs. That was enough confirmation she is sprung and in love with the mystery man.

Other than this new story, Nicah has been making headlines after posting a semi-nude picture on social media.

Haters called her out saying she is not portraying Christian values. The insults became too much she pulled down the picture.

She now seems happy with the brown skin man and we hope this one will be till death do them part because as you know me, I love a thriving love story.

Meet Dr. Ofweneke's replacement: