Pascal Tokodi is one of those men whose name is put in one sentence with phrases like 'hot dayyuuum this mans is a shnarrrk!' quite often.

He is also part of the Mr. Steal your girl list. He can easily get a yes from any lady.

If you think my thirst is too much then you have not met the lady who went the extra mile to photoshop her face in pictures where Pascal has posed with a lady.

He is the man character in the Kenyan Telenovela, Selina so most of the pictures he takes are cute romantic pictures of either Selina or Brenda Wairimu lying on him.

The unidentified lady took advantage of the pictures and used them to amplify her dream. To be Pascal's 'boo thing'.

She got his attention. Pascal went ahead and shared the pictures and said he was pretty excited to know he is loved that much.

This level of confidence should encourage you to shoot your shot, it might just get the attention of your longtime crush.

Here are screenshots from his social media: