tanasha Diamond
tanasha Diamond
Don't expect a grand wedding ceremony this year from East Africa's popular celebrity couple, Diamond and Tanasha.

Pundits claim that some of the reasons for the couple calling off the wedding indefinitely could be over Diamond's alleged infidelity, religion constraint's, Tanasha's zeal to make it in her music career and Diamond's past relationship record.

In a past interview, when Tanasha was asked if any of Diamond's exes or baby mama have reached out to her, Tanasha said.

"No. None."

Anyhow, in a candid interview, Tanasha addressed the cheating scandal saying:

For me things never get to me until my family is involved. It got to me when my family got involved they called me and asked what is going on.

In a past interview with Kiss100.co.ke, Tanasha revealed that she is very close to her mother and grandmother. Those are the two people whose opinion matter to her.

It was also pointed out that based on Tanasha's social media posts, she did not seem to be very tight with your mother-in-law, Sandra Sanura a.k.a Mama Dangote.

"To be honest, what you see on social media is my art, my work, my passion and craft. My personal life is personal. Mama Dangote is always in the house we are family already. We are close.

Asked if she would love to meet Diamond's three children, Tanasha said, "I would love to meet them. What matters is the children. they have nothing to do with all the drama. Put your personal feelings aside."

So, why has the wedding been put off indefinitely?

"We decided to take our time focusing on knowing each other. Loving each other. Wedding plans will come God willing. Who knows with time maybe I move here. At the moment this works."