Kenyans need to cut Betty Kyallo some slack. She is really trying to move on but no. Some of y'all just can't let her live in peace.

KOT can relly be cruel, Betty was busy living her life trying to come up with yet another way to show she is in a relationship with a mystery man. Even when we know she used her sister's hand to try and prove she is as happy as Dennis Okari is in his marriage.

So a guy by the name Wardingtone decided to dive in his archives to bring Betty's mood down and posted:

I am sure this got to Betty and she just sighed before responding.

“So what? Lol Move on..we have” reads Betty Kyallo’s response.

The tweet attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans On Twitter. Some who were there for the laugh while others were there to shut him up.

From her response, she was hurt by the comment and others who sided with him.

I may not bee a relationship expert but if I was Betty I would just avoid engaging with such guys. It hurts more.

Dennis has never spoken about the drama between him and the K24 News anchor and even his marriage and now one ever trolls him on social media so he doesn't have to relive that memory over and over again.