Weezdom has been caught in yet another scandal, and this time he claims it is not him.

We got a hold of pictures of him shirtless in bed, with a woman beside him who really resembles Nicah The Queen.  In as much as we can see it is definitely Weedom, we called him just to get clarification.

He was quick to say he cannot comment on pictures he has not seen.

I have not seen those pictures so I do not know that story. Send me the pictures I see. It might be my cousin. 

So due diligence was done and we sent him the pictures but manz decided to bluetick us. We tried to call him for his last comment after seeing the pictures and he rejected the call.

After calling Weezdom, we also called Nicah The Queen to respond to allegations that she is the lady in the photos with the gospel artiste. We asked her if she could be the one in the pictures or the lady is her look alike.

"what? No that is not me definitely. I have never had any romantic involvement with Weezdom. Never ever! That is not me." Nicah shockingly answered.

The photos show two people seemingly comfortable with each other, posing perfectly, so I am guessing they had no idea those pictures would be leaked to Kiss 100.

The two are being crucified by their followers because they say they are people of the church and they did not expect that from them.

Like I always say, be careful when it comes to bedroom videos or pictures, human beings are not to be trusted in this our Nairobi.