Word broke that Tanzanian star Rayvanny and his lady love, Fahima, had gone their separate ways. And the entire cufuffle started with rumours and allegations that Rayvanny was cheating. Then came Fahima's defence of her man and now they are no longer together. Rayvanny came out with a bombastic accusation, complaining about Fahima's insatiable need for money.

Call a funds lust if you will but what you will not call Fahima is Fahyvanny. That name is now gone like her relationship. And Rayvanny posted a long message anouncing his newly found bachelorhood and following it up with this laconic message,

Mahusiano mazuri ya maji na Samaki, Yananifanya niamini Usaliti upo pale ninapoona maji hayo hayo yanatumika kuchemsha samaki 🤣🤣🤣

And all this followed a DM from Fahima telling Rayvanny of her intent to keep his son away from him,

Count me and Jay as dead in your life. I will fight and I will win. I will not lack money for food  but just consider Jay and i dead to you

But whatever the case, Bahati has decided to help remind Rayvanny to keep a stiff upper lip and he did so in the comment sectin of Rayvanny's IG where he wrote a simple,


To which Rayvanny responded saying,

Hahahahahah  STRESSLESS