Bridget Achieng is a woman on the war footing. She is a woman scorned and as Trap King Chrome might be unfortunate to find out, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. You see, Trap King Chrome is a rapper and events promoter who was also a mainstay on Nairobi Diaries.

Trap King Chrome recently declared that he was aware Bridget Achieng had been lying to the show's audience and her fans that her son by a West African man, Sekina, was hers. According to him, Bridget Achieng never really was pregnant.

Trap King Chrome was not playing games either because he has been on an epic rant against his former co-stars on the reality TV show, Nairobi Diaries, talking smack about Colonel Mustafa by alleging that he was a homosexual man living in the closet:

Bridget Achieng fired back at Trap King Chrome's allegations about her child saying,

Like I hear the other day Trap King had a lot to say about my baby akasema hadi mtoto si wangu. Sekani is a photocopy of me. Okay hio tumbo nilitia wapi? Ama hio pia ilikuwa fake. You see I understand maisha ni ngumu. Bridget sahii ndio hutrend… i want everyone to eat. Wacha watu waongee wasipoongea juu ya Bridget wataongea juu ya nani?… imagine baby Sekani a very innocent boy who doesn’t even know anything. For someone to look for five minutes of fame with his name si inamaanisha huyo mtoto ni important sana. Huyo mtoto ako na followers wengi hata kukushinda. Uko na audacity ya kuongea juu ya mtoto hata hajafikisha 18 years. Shame on you!

She said this in an interview with a local daily.