Fena Gitu is not the one for nonsense. She has been the lightning rod for alot of homophobic hate given all the rumours swirling about her but at the end of the day, Kenyans need to learn to be respectful regardless of political affiliation or creed.

And I know atleast one idjot-boy whom Fena Gitu has shown her thick skin and quick wit to. This guy whose twitter handle is Daniel Riunge or Mr Culu Culu decided to approach Fena Gitu and talk from the side of his neck. Bwana Culu Culu actually took the time to walk to a place with free WiFi, log onto his twitter app then continued to type in his nonsense saying,

We ni Lesbian na unarusha mdomo kama nani? We KAKUFEEE!! Unaimbanga nini wewe?

And Fena Gitu did not waste time responding to her hater's bulshit saying,


That diss is a double entendre. It not only calls out this idjot-boy for being a cuckhold but also it was a tongue in cheek response to the allegation Mr Culu Culu made and it was powerful!