Should women give their boyfriends husband privileges? That is the question Kamene and Kibe are asking their listeners this morning on The Morning Kiss.

Andrew Kibe started off the conversation by asking if Kamene would wash a mans dirty shoes and house when she goes to his house. I could feel Kamene's eyes roll after that question.

She was clear that women should never give boyfriend or any random man husband privileges because that is why women get so broken after they realize he is not for her yet she had hopes.

"When we have different visions because this woman wants a future with you yet you have no intention to be my husband. We can not be giving every man husband privileges because then what do we have left for the right man?"Kamene says

Kibe disagreed with her saying that is how women miss opportunities to be wives. He said,

Another woman is going to come probably not better than you in terms of looks only because she presents herself as a wife by cleaning and you are there waiting for a big sign from God that this is the husband you should be cleaning for.

"A woman should come to a man's house and leave it better than she found it in terms of cleaning ness. Qualities we are looking for in a woman."KIbe added

Kibe went on with the conversation giving a real-life scenario.

"Have you ever seen these women who sit with your boys in your living room changiaing discussions instead of going to join her fellow women - the men's women- in the kitchen to cook and clean"

Most callers who were definitely women said that a woman should not be entitled to impress a man who is not reciprocating in any way.

"Your utensils are your responsibility because I am not about to come to your house to audition for a wife" Caller one said

Another lady called in and said that,

"If he is measuring my standards by washing utensils then tell him to show me his payslip to prove he is a provider. The lady in his house he asked her to leave live on radio'

After the call, Kibe threw in a surprise by telling the lady caller live on air to leave his house.

You're making noise in my house? Leave my house now!