Cardi B
Cardi B
Kenyan's are out here hoping to bring Cardi B for a concert after seeing her give the best in Nigeria and Ghana but the rapper does not come cheap.

It costs the two countries an arm and a leg for her to give her fans a twerky experience.

From Cardi's Instagram stores, you can see she had too much fun. She fell in love with Nigerian's especially the stripers who reminded her of her good old days.

So according to the Nigerian blog, Goldmynetv, the rapper was paid a whooping ksh503 million for both the Nigerian and Ghanian performance.

If you do the math, she was paid ksh250,000,000 per country. The pay covers the performance fees per country, hotels/accommodation bills for Cardi B and her entourage, it also includes the chartered private jet and all other incidentals that could accrue for the trip.

Cardi's performance fee for Nigeria alone is between $800,000 & $1.2m Dollars and the same goes too for the Accra concert.

She is now a sought after celebrity who had risen from a striper. Now she is an Emmy award winner, brand ambassador to big brands like Pepsi and she is married to one of the highest-paid musicians in the world according to Forbes 2019 list.

People have slowly forgotten about Nicki Minaj after Off Set's girlfriend has taken over the rap game.

I love me some Cardi and hopefully, one rich Kenyan will afford her and she will come to grace our lands.