Maureen Waititu had an extensive interview where she talked about a lot when it comes to the end of her relationship with Frankie Just Gym It.

The main reason why she decided to up and leave was that she used to tell him to do something or change anything but he never listened.

"His mistake was he didn't do the small things I asked him to do. I was termed a nagging wife. But the big question he should have asked himself was why am I always talking and complaining it is only because he are not listening"


If you are not the one, he will never change for you but a man will easily and quickly change for the woman he loves and knows she is the one

She is now at a better place because she would rather be alone than to be with someone who will not match up to her expectations because they are always mad at you.

We have been hearing a lot from Maureen on what her ex, Frankie did wrong but Massawe asked her what is it that she knows she did to contribute to the ending of the relationship.

"I asked him severally what have I done wrong and he said I talk too much. See the thing is I like order and I think that aspect irritated him. Every time I used to talk he used to tell me to talk faster and get to the point. I think he just got tired of me."

The rumours out there on why their relationship ended is that Frankie cheated. Asked to clarify on that, Maureen Waititu said,

I do not know if he has ever cheated on me but there were issues of other women who were around. He is a very handsome man and the women in Nairobi are fisis.  He might have been a loyal guy but there were so many women who used to be all up on him and maybe just maybe he did not know how to carry himself and entertain them. I do not know if he cheated or not and I do not want to know.

Maureen added that all she wanted was to be respected as the queen of the 'kingdom'

It made me very uncomfortable because women did not want to know whether a man is married or not with children or not. It is like in a Kingdom you have to protect the queen and her seat. I know I protected him from all the men who pursued me. I even bought a book (The Power Of A Prayerful Woman) to try to fix the marriage

Maureen is still hopeful she will get married again and this time with valid lessons.