December has started off kicking and the number of events that have been lined up are heavy. This past weekend T.I and Chris Martin had gigs at different venues.

From the information gathered, T.I is a lazy performer but Khaligraph Jones who went on stage before him killed the show and that was the only problem those who attended had with the Jameson Connect event.

On to the other event; at The Big Deal Concert so much went wrong but the highlight of the night was the performances. The main act, Chris Martin gave a three-hour performance with his energy level at 100 all through.

According to those who attended, security was a problem, ticketing was a problem and of course, the venue, Impala, was a problem especially after it rained. The security guards were out to kill and destroy the boy child with their violence. Chris even mentioned it while on stage.

From our sources, the event organizer, Big Ted opted to hire goons which was cheaper for him instead of going the route of hiring proper security from a firm.

Kamene and Kibe talked about this because it has been trending ever since Saturday. They gave their two cents which in summary is just organizers should stop trying to cut costs.

Andrew Kibe said,

Have a good gig. Number one, your security must be paramount. I should come there and find no hitches when it comes to security. The organization should come easy when it comes to directions on where I should be as per my ticket 

If you are going to have an event, have a good one because people are paying for it and they are giving you their time too. Make sure the sound and lighting are good. Have a proper event for people to experience so that they support you next time

Kamene Goro who was equally angered by the experience people had over the weekend said,

It is something as simple as do not cut costs. To you event organizers because you might think you've saved something so you decide to hire goons instead of a proper security firm and then you will have problems just like the ones we are facing today.

Kibe believes all this is because proper even organizers no longer exist.

About 10 years ago we used to have amazing events by international artistes but now all the con artiste have jumped to become event organizers and promoters. You hear artistes do not have places to sleep nor is their full amount paid.

 "Also, they should bring good artistes not one who has four songs to come on stage for 13 minutes."