Mbosso is a deep lover and it is not because of the songs he sings, but from the gestures he pulls for his baby mamas, one of whom is the late Martha.

A few months ago she died which left him low for quite some time. He has numerous photos of her in his house and he says it is because he prayers for her daily.

Speaking to Bongo 5, he said,

When I see the photos, I feel at peace. I remember her goodness. We were just put apart. She means a lot. I want to see her when I am in and also when I'm out of the house.

Martha was a Tanzanian comedian who had kept her relationship and child with Mbosso a secret. According to his story but her family had no idea of his existence especially as a baby daddy.

"I learnt that there are things you don't have to accept. I learnt that It's okay to put out your life in the open," Mbosso adds

The comedian’s sister has been insisting that Mbosso was lying about having a baby with her sister. Mbosso says that he and Martha had agreed to keep their relationship a secret until her demise.

Rest in peace Martha.