Rayvanny must have done Fahima wrong if her words are anything to go by.

Two weeks ago, Rayvanny exposed his DM's with his wife who asked him to forget about her and their child. In fact, she told him to count them as dead to him.

Rayvanny's East African fans had termed the two as a power couple because from what we could see, they were very peaceful not like the relationships of other WCB members.

In an Interview with Lil Ommy, Fahima who still refers her self by her husband's name, Fayvanny was asked to talk on the problems their 'marriage' is facing.

"As I said before, I will not talk much about my relationship with the father of my child. When the right time comes I'll speak up. I need time to process this. I do not want to talk about it because it still hurts. "Fayvanny started

The rumour going around was that Rayvanny had stepped out of their marriage and slept with the video vixen in his song, I love you. The rumours went further to followers spotting a used condom in the bed they used to record the video of the song.

Fayvanny said she had nothing to do with their split.

"No. We have other personal issues, Nana has nothing to do with our split. We have problems and they can be solved but there are other problems you need to take a break to be able to handle them

It is not true as of the post but there is a problem and we are fixing it. For now, we are not together and I can not tell when we will be back together." She Said

In as much as the two are having issues, she will forever respect his position as the father of her child and she says that is why she has not changed her name.

The other problem that was highlighted by Lil Ommy was that she had unfollowed Rayvanny on social media. She denied it saying,

I have not unfollowed the father of my child. I have never unfollowed him but according to evidence produced by Lil Ommy, she has not followed him and she says it could be her son playing with the phone.

Through thick and thin, he will forever be grateful to Rayvanny who made a lot of changes in her life.

He has taught me a lot and without him, I wouldn't be where I am. We can not be perfect all the time but I believe we will go past this. I had no beef with her, we broke up with for other reasons then her story came later on

The Tetema hitmaker had accused Fayvanny of wanting the fast lane life. She was asked of this is true and said

I believe in life there is a lot of misunderstanding even in a relationship. Days will come when you're angry and you can do anything which might then lead to regret. Your partner may have done you wrong and in the mids of trying to fix it, you then end up going overboard.

One thing that was clear throughout the interview, in as much as the hosts of the show referred to him as Rayvanny, she always called him the father of her child and not by his name. Bitter much.

Both their followers have been questioning their drama saying it is meant to acquire views for Rayvanny's song and clout for Fayvanny's brand ambassador job. Just like Rayvanny said, Kiki has never been his thing, his songs trend even without kiki. His ex-girl echoed the same.