chris martins addresses concert security gaffes
chris martins addresses concert security gaffes
Chris Martin's concert was a festival for all of Nairobi's thieves. From all accounts, Chris Martin's performance was the highlight of the night but unfortunately, his fans had to contend with the anti-climax of being robbed as the enjoyed the music and as they left the venue.

From all accounts, security was a major issue as it is reported that goons were hired rather than professional bouncers and these goons had a field day jacking concert-goers. All this came to Chris Martin's attention and he took the time to speak about it.

Taking to Twitter, Chris Martinsacknowledged and regretted the fact that security at the concert was a sham and the fact that his fans were put at risk and they put life and limb on the line to come and see him:

I'd like to extend my sincerest apologies to those affected by those criminals who targeted my awesome supporters who braved the inclement weather to come,enjoy and sing some #SweetSugahReggae wid mi! Mi vex yf

But thankfully, alls well that ends well as Chris Martin acknowledged that he had a fun time in Kenya afterall and it probably has alot to do with these lasses: