Before Diana Marua became all Hail Mary, the babe enjoyed the nightlife.

She was such a party goer, that her husband Bahati confirmed meeting her when she smelled like alcohol, but she has denied loving the brown bottle.

Now that she is a mother and a wife to a gospel artiste, it goes without saying she has to give up on that life.

During her assumption segment on Instagram, she was asked if she misses the turn-up life she had to leave after getting married.

"You miss the party after party life now that you are married to a gospel artiste" Follower asked

Diana answered saying:

Let me tell you something I did it all had it all. I had the parte after parte life I served that life a good one. Now I look at life and I am like it's Friday and people are out shaking their bum. Nobody has time for that. I am a mum of three and I am settled and content with where I am.

But if you have seen her dancing, one would be mistaken to think she misses her past life, or she is just naturally a dancer.

Last time we saw them enjoying some alcohol was when they were celebrating three years of 'marriage'. She bought her man champagne with chocolate.