Remember when live and let live was a motto many lived by? Diamond's Daddy does and he wants you and everyone else speaking on Queen Darleen's name to remember the fact. You see, Queen Darleen has been on the receiving end of public tongue lashes for daring to be true to herself and agree to be a second wife to the man she loves, Bwana Isihaka.

And why has what Queen Darleen done pretty badass? Well, we live in a time when many women would rather be a secret mistress than accept to be a simple wife and as a result, both her man and the woman herself have to go around like they are carrying a dirty little secret. Queen Darleen has decided that rather than continue being a dirty little secret, she is going to have the security of being a second wife.

And Daddy Diamond, Abdul Naseeb the original has come out to support his daughter who has been on record as having said she doesn't believe in marriage and that her job is to ruin other women's relationships.

Anyway, Diamond's daddy said,

You know marriage is a very difficult thing. I am happy for her and people should be too. I never though she would be married because of her music but here she is. She is just fine. I am wondering why people are making noise about her being married as a second wife. In Islam, there is nothing like one wife. A man can have as many as four.