King Kaka released a hell of a song with Wajinga Nyinyi that sadly might soon be unavailable after it incurred the wrath of Kenya's political leader. Actually, here is how I should have started the article:

What is an artiste? An artiste is a singer but their most important job beyond entertaining us is to hold up a mirror to society and show us a reflection of who we are as a people. The ones who pass on into legendary status anyway. We have the examples of Peter Tosh, Fela Kuti and now in our times we have King Kaka.

King Kaka decided to release a song calling out Kenya's political class for all the bullshit we are exposed to by them.

The jam is an indictment of the fact that those we elect to look after our interests end up just plundering the country. Frustrations many an African, an East African and a Kenyan is familiar with. And the audience loves the song!

The reactions from Kenyans was overwhelmingly positive while that was the political class was sheer wrath at the song.