King Kaka 1
King Kaka 1
Khaligraph Jones is a man who respects his 'wife'.

It might just be a new relationship but manz has boundaries when it comes to how far he can go with his career as a sought after celebrity with adoring female fans. His body is an attraction site to many girls.

King Kaka -who is giving Kenyans a hot and cold feeling after his new song, Wajinga Nyinyi - posted a video before all hell broke loose of him on stage in Doha. A woman took her time and effort to jump on stage and sugua the lyrics out of him.

Under the video, he captioned saying,

Doha take me slowlly. Ilikuwa moto unaondokea

Khaligraph Jones, who is not only a colleague but a friend to King Kaka posted a concern on the comment section asking him if that video will not get him into trouble with his wife.

He even said that when such a case presents itself, he runs to hide next to the DJ, it's his 'safe place'.

buda wife hataleta shida? Me nikona wasichana wamepanda stage nikakimbia huko kwa DJ.

King Kaka was surprised that there is actually something in this world that scares him because manz presents himself as a fearless being.

@khaligraph_jones lakini si Uko na ngoma unasema ‘ Mi Siogopi’ . Kumbe ni lines tu.

Clearly things kwa ground ni different because he did not comment on that but I am more inclined to say it is not fear but respect for his relationship that is very public.