Last week was one dramatic time for King Kaka, Khaligraph and Bahati. I put Bahati last because he is the king of drama so he should be used to this.
This time he was the talk of the social media streets and this time not because of his 'reality show' but because he upset Kenyans politically.
In case you just flew into the 254 and have no idea,  King Kaka released a jam Wajinga Nyinyi that rattled politicians who were called out for corruption.
A song Kenyans say was long overdue got a lot of support and Bahati was left out of the support bus. He shared the song to show solidarity with Kinga Kaka but it got him in trouble. Read all about it below:

The attack on him was so savage and hateful. Khaligraph who is a colleague was a guest on Citizen Tv's,  JKL Show. He stood with Bahati saying he is also in the list of Kenyans who had hope in this government during the general election period but have been played.

Later after the show, Khaligraph took to social media to demand some money from the gospel artistes because he made a bold move on national TV.

@bahatikenya gathee Ebu Tuma mpesa juzi ilibidi Nimekutetea pale Kwa Jeff alafu kwa wale hawaelewi Ntaambia Citizen TV waeke Subtitles next time naenda interview uko tena, The OG shall be respected 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Trust Khaligraoh Jones to always be that extra hip hop artiste we love to hate.