Nandy became famous in Kenya after her plan to work with the controversial artiste, Willy Paul.

Their video caused a lot of uproar because there was too much touching and hugging in the bed considering that Bwana Mkunji is the man who backslides and left us in total shock. Of course, this made him trend.

Nandy is so famous in the 254 lands she made it a point just like Diamond to launch her album in Kenya. Among the eight facts you need to know about Nandy is that she made more album sales in Kenya more than in any other place.

In an interview with the Lil Ommy, she revealed a few points about her you did not know.

  1. I am a lover of gossip. She says not to participate in gossip but to listen.
  2.  I am a jealous lover. When dating Bill Nas, she saw pictures of him with many women during his video shoot in South Africa. She then took herself there because she was jealous.
  3. I eat a lot. Two to three plates at lunchtime.
  4. I am very emotional when it comes to anything. Even when I see beggars on the street, they make me cry.
  5. I do not enjoy the fruits of my music yet because I put it all in music.
  6. I am a churchgoer. Despite the controversies she loves God.
  7. My biggest album sales were in Kenya
  8. I love hard

Kenyans love bongo music and luckily she won the hearts of Kenyans and even went to release a song with 254 most loved, Sauti Sol. Watch the video below: