Sauti Sol first ladies
Sauti Sol first ladies
Sauti Sol are the men all women want to be with but who are all taken -well, other than Chimano.

Last time we checked in on the boy band, women were throwing bra's at them on stage and screaming how much they love them.

But like we said earlier, they are all spoken for (we haven't forgotten about Chimano) and Bien has openly come out to announce Chiki as the love of his life. He got engaged to her in the most romantic way ever and you can get all the details below:

Then, of course, Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers married Lady Mandy in a beautiful wedding. In case you missed it here are the pictures:

Savara, also known to his true fans as Mudigi, has not come out to say he has a girl and you know we always give you exclusive juice. He is dating the gorgeous Yvonne Endo.

The three ladies in their lives spend a lot of time together. In fact, they call each other queens. The last time we spotted them together was during Oktobafest.

Here is a rare picture of  Sauti Sol first ladies together: