What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more! Carol Radull has a fan singing to her this very song. The young man named Timo Sem decided to get on social media to announce his affections towards Carol Radull.

Below is what he had to say about his love and his affections:

Dear Carol Radull, my name is Timo Sem, I am one of your greatest admirers, Listening to you on radio, you make my life complete, you make life worth living, I know you earn a basic salary of ksh.480,000 I earn a salary of ksh.20,000, so both of us we will be earning ksh.500,000 isn't that great? I hope we meet and prove it to you that am the only faithful, honest and loving man left in Kenya, I hope this gets to you. If interested please inbox me

And to that, Carol Radull said the following:

Dear Timo Sem. Thank you for listening to me on the radio each week; I don't take my listeners or my fans for granted. It is appreciated. I am flattered by your proposal because loyal men who know how to love a woman are hard to find. However I need to decline your offer and I will not be inboxing you.

Just a point to note; your financial proposition is not as crazy as some people think. I believe a couple should put their resources together to build their lives no matter what the disparity is. Men lift their spouses up everyday and I don't see why women shouldn't do the same.