Tedd Josiah is standing in the gap for the boy child.

It has come to his attention that there so many suicide cases in Kenya and most of them are men. His reasoning is that men are under so much pressure to offer financial stability yet the rate at which there are redundancies in big companies is alarming.

Tedd Josiah is crying on behalf of men and he is asking women to show support and love to their lives. His message in short to women is, be the love be the light in the lives f the men

He took to social media a post saying,

There’s a massive suicide pandemic in Kenya that’s only going to get worse. This is because men are valued only based on their capacity to bring money into the home and there are job losses at an alarming rate.

But is a man not made of flesh and bone? Is a man not worthy of love? Is ur brother, ur son, ur father not worthy of the words “I got u! I love you!” We isolate the men into solitary confinement and castigate them if they speak about their emotions because “men aren’t supposed to show emotion apart from during football and rough sex!!!”

Ladies y’all need to go on ur knees and pray for ur sons, brothers, husbands, fathers & men in general before we bury men before their time.

Men love your women with all you got no matter what it takes cause a real Queen sent to you by God won’t drop the ball on u, isolate you or make you feel less than a king. BUT YOU GOT TO LOVE HER!!! Commands the bible.

Raise better, do better

More t this Tedd asked parents to raise their children in a family full of love. A family where words of affirmation and the languages of love are loud in front of their children with no shame.

This way, they will grow up knowing showing love is normal and it is needed.