Willis Raburu has admitted his daughter’s death has left a void so wide in his heart, nothing will ever fill it. The TV host said he feels guilty whenever he is happy or dares to smile as a time like this cannot be masked in happiness and falsehoods.

According to the Citizen TV presenter’s Instagram post, he still weeps behind the curtains and his pain has never really faded away. The bubbly chap added he will never be the same going forward and hoped one-day things will get easier.

The heartbroken husband still gets flashbacks and replays the painful moment he heard his daughter was no more.

“I still hurt each day, I still get flashbacks, I still cry, I still grieve and I do so privately but the effects and outlet are sometimes public and I a not ashamed of it,” Willis said.

Willis admitted he is just trying to take one day at a time by allowing himself to mourn in and let all the pain and anger out.

“We just wish it away, pray it away, hide it away, shame it away, commonize it, we must go through it,” he added.

The pain stricken TV guy lost his first daughter at birth and has been indifferent since. His wife Maryaprude vowed to abandon God and her faith because she felt the almighty had abandoned her too. Willis decided tp step down from his job temporarily as he and his wife mourned the loss of their child.