Kate Actress has proved that she can really keep secrets.

She hid her pregnancy from the world up until the final stage and then she gave birth and went on with life as if she is still carrying her baby girl. Two weeks later, she posted saying she is not hiding her baby from the world but the cruel world from her.

"Throwback ! Baby K at 2 weeks 🤗... we are not hiding her from the world , just hiding the world from her . Such a cruel world 😩 especially here on social media . Thank you for all the congratulatory messages . You shall meet her when we are ready 🙏🏿❤️ .. if ever 😩" Kate Actress posted

Just after those posts, Kate Actress tshared pictures of her post-pregnancy look and the babe has worked hard to snap back.

Wasp waist indeed, like she was never pregnant.

Kate mentioned that she is already back grinding. Baby has to eat and her son needs to go to school. His school fees ranges from 440,000- 500,000 a term. Siz must be making good money.

Check out photo's of her snatched post-pregnancy body: