Right now, Diamond is the most played artistes n East Africa but his journey there took a lot of effort and money. Yap!

Esma, his sister in an interview said that he had a tough time getting airplay before he opened his on a television station.

"Before diamond started his own TV station he used to be picked on by certain media houses. it got to a time where he used to release a song, he had to put money aside to bribe the media so that his songs are played. If he does not then his songs are not played. They used to come home to and each house is given their cut."  Diamond's sister revealed

Today he is played more than he ever could imagine. He is top on Youtube and he earns a lot from it. He has even expanded his business and opened WCB where he manages artistes who have grown to be the most listened to in East Africa.

Just yesterday, his baby mama, Tanasha released a song featuring Mbosso and it scooped views so fast. This time he did not need to pay, the music has sold him and his artistes.