Finally the day we have been waiting for is here, Otile Brown finally gave an interview and no, it is not in a Kenyan media house, he decided to go all the way to Tanzania.

Wasafi Radio got the privilege to ask him about a lot but what we wanted to know is his side of the story based on the relationship drama between him and Vera Sidika.

Her story was that he used her for fame and money and he never satisfied her in bed. According to Vera, he has a small eggplant.

Otile Brown revealed that when their relationship began, it was all Vera. He claims she seduced him and was constantly bugging him.

"Watu hawajuhi sijawahi kumtongoza, alinitafuta mwenyewe, Alikuwa ananipigia sana simu na wala nilikuwa sizipokei. Sikuwahi kumtamani @Verasidika kimapenzi wala sikuwahi kumtafuta yeye ndio alinitafuta, sina sababu ya kudanganya, Nilikaa kimya kwa muda mrefu sana". (People do not know but I have never seduced Vera. She is the one who came for me and neither had I followed up on her, it was all her. I have no reason to lie about this. I have been quite about it all for a pretty long time" Otile Brown opened up

The two's relationship was very dramatic. When it was good, it was very good and when it was bad, it was very bad. Team Vera were quick and loud to say that she build him. In fact, she has bee quoted saying the same but Otile denies it. She can not take credit for his hard work.

In as much it ended with so much bitterness, he says he has no problem with her.

"@Queenveebosset ni Fren-nemy wangu, Sina tatizo nae, Nilikuwa nafanya vizuri kabla ya Vera." He said

Both have moved on and are dating. Vera is dating Tanzanian doctor, Jimmy Chansa and Otile Brown has an on and off relationship with Ethiopian, Nbayet. From social media, it is safe to say they are all happy and in love.