Diamond Platnumz is one of the biggest names in East Africa when it comes to entertainment but getting there has not been easy. His family has faced the good, the bad and the ugly.

Other then his music, manz is also known as father Abraham. He has made sure all the corners of East Africa have a child named after him. Keeping his legacy strong.

His family has gone through so much maintaining their image and just being associated with Diamond and all his drama, it's just a lot.

Esma revealed in an interview that Diamond is a man who got her in trouble a couple of times but ended up blaming her. Esma revealed that

"Diamond used to beef with so many people so many times. We used to advise Diamond on a lot especially relationships. The time he was in a relationship with Hamisa, he used to fight with her, he used to blame me. I was even called Peter because of her. He used to blame me but I never denied because I was not up for a fight."Esma said

Being Diamond's family member means you have been exposed to the internet and that translates to trolls. Even when you're doing the right thing, someone will almost always find something wrong. Esma said that is the situation they have been going through.

"My mum and I have been abused so much because of Diamond. In a nutshell, we have gone through a lot before Diamond became who he is and I thank God he has really changed" She added

Just by association, we know all that goes on in her life, her husband and anyone who is close to her. Even their mother's - who looks like she is always forced into the media world - stories are out there just because she is Diamond's mother.