Kamene and Kibe have responded to allegations made on social media yesterday that they were spotted getting cozy. The best place to set things straight is on their morning show on KissFM.

To keep you on the loop, the 'feared vlogger' Edgar Obare got a scoop that the radio duo are supposedly having more than a working relationship. Apparently they were seen kissing on the streets of Nairobi in traffic. Details from the fan stated that they were in a Mercedes C200 and Kamene was driving.

"Social media has become a monster. Remember Eric Omondi went naked just for the likes. People can do anything just to be liked on social media" Kibe started his rant.

He then decided to address the issue aired out yesterday on social media.

"This guy (Edgar Obare) goes on social media  and says, Kamene and Kibe are pekejeing. First of all, have some respect. He went ahead to say they saw us in traffic kissing, I was like maybe I was high and I do not remember. They said Kamene was driving and then I was like I would never be caught dead in a C200 and Vitz, same car to me so can't be me. Two I can never allow you to drive me. Three it is no one's business other than me and you."KIbe said

Kamene Goro angrily backed him up saying,

Tap your self on your shoulder because this is as far as it can get sir.

Imagine if this is the year i was looking to be serious with someone but this ignorant boy decided to spoil it for me and  put out serious allegations of me. 

Seeing as Kamene was so angry, Kibe took over the conversation saying,

"This is the thing, if you're going to go after people, have facts. Two stop fishing, we are not many celebs so relax, let the story come out. Yani even a chic sent screenshots of our conversation for the likes?"

Basically the message on The Morning Kiss conversation was to tell people to stop trying too hard to get likes and views. It is never that serious because the do or die attitude is just much. You do not need to be malicious and kill someone just for the likes.