Otile Brown is one of the men who is making ladies go wild. From the likes of Vera to Nabayet and many others, women even go to the extent of tattooing his name on their arms.

Well before the money checked in, manz was hustling hard just to make some money. In an interview with Wasafi TV, he revealed that he used to make his own soap for sale just to make it through life.

"After school, I did not think about going to university. I was looking for ways to make money because I did not come from a well off family.  I was even in the business of making my own soap. After a few hours I used to go to KPA to count sacks I have done a lot but today we are here. After making money, I came to Nairobi. I had to look for ways to make money here so I venture into hawking Masai shoes house to house. Back then Nairobi did not have the original ones so I made money" Otile Brown reveals

The Chaguo La Moyo hitmaker mentioned that music is not his only source of income. He has the blood of a money maker and so he has ventured into so many businesses to make it in Nairobi.

"I am a hustler. Aside from music, I have my own businesses. I have two shops in Mombasa where I sell shoes I am also in real estate I buy land and sell." He said

 Otile Brown is now one of the most sought after artistes. He does a lot of international shows that sell out. A sign that it doesn't matter where you are now, the best is yet to come. Be patient.