Kamene Goro went through a tough one during a romantic getaway.

You know those trips where the only thing you want to do is be cute and impress your man? - she failed. When they arrived at their destination, Kamene decided to take a shower and because she does not want to go in bare feet - you can catch a fungal infection - she wore slippers.

She stepped in the shower ready to marinate but the wet tiles did not want her to prosper. She slipped and fell down.

"I went to the bathroom with a slipper. I fell in the bathroom because the tiles were slippery. I was looking north when I went to the bathroom by the time he came I was facing south. He walked in to apologize and I just told him to exit the bathroom because I was full-on nVked and my b*tt was out." kAMENE NARRATED

Why do the worst things happen to you in front of your crush? The two were just starting something then that happens. Luckily from her narration, manz was willing to help her up and forget about it.

Andrew Kibe could not hold himself. He laughed so hard which reminded him of the day she fell off his car.

"I remember the day you fell out of m car. You were in heels walked out and sijui you tripped on what you just fell but you're such a soldier, you stood up sp fast fixed up your hair and by the time i was thinking of saying sorry you were already telling bye. Like the solder you are" Kibe recounted

Kamene just wanted this story to end. Remembering that moment just made the wound fresh and to make it worse, they are no longer together.