Jackie Matubia was rumored to have ended her relationship with her pilot man, Ken.

According to receipts from  'investigative journalist' Edgar Obare, they both admitted they broke up, and is the reason behind rumors they were seeing other people. Actually the rumor was that her husband was cheating on her.

The clarification came with so much information including receipts of messages Ken used to send girls he was darting.

From Jackie Matubia's posts of late, seems like she has come to terms with the relationship ending and is embracing her single status which she loves.

She posted a picture of food her babe bought her from Java and captioned,

when he brings you food from your favorite joint. Thanks Babe and thanks Java

Two things most women love; food and a man who loves feeding her. She might have found the good one.

In Jackie's Instagram stories, she put out a comment after all the drama that was going on between her and her ex BFF, Izzareh. She said,

'never and I mean never I  re-friend a person that tried to destroy your character'

I am not saying this is a message to Izzareh but I know you're thinking what I am thinking. But from the message, she is very right.

Jackie quit her job at Switch TV but she has not informed us on her next project though she reposted a picture of Noni Gathoni that read 'Hey ladies, let's Talk' and Cc'e Jackie. Her repost read 'loading'. Could this be that they are planning to work together?

Keep it Kiss100 and we will fill you in on the details.