2019 was a crazy year for Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby.

Their marriage was on the rocks after an expose by Edgar Obare that Terence has been cheating on his wife with a certain Anita Sonia, a college student.

The details of the alleged affair between the comedian and the girl were made public in a seven part series.

With the valid evidence, it forced him to come clean and confess the truth that he cheated. He actually calls Anita the third party.

Milly Chebby did not speak about it last year, all she did was post subliminal posts on social media to assure her followers she is not leaving the marriage inspite of the expose.

This year Betty Kyallo hosted the pair on The Weekend With Betty. They opened up about a lot - from how social media came to expose their relationship and how it has not been easy.

“We just used to be known in the industry. Then social media came and it came with its own problems. All you need is a thick skin and God’s grace.” Milly said

Terence added that the trolls made it tough, but now they laugh about it.

People are really mean on social media streets. Guys say, keeping up with the hippos and others ask how we sleep together is it a metallic bed?

Milly Chebby opened up that she found living meaning less when all the drama was out on social media.

“When it happened, whatever happened last year, I was so confused. I almost lost it. I never saw the purpose of living like everyone is saying a lie and you can’t explain the truth and give your side of the story. Actually what was hurting me more, it hat I could not give my side of my story.” Milly shared

Terence said that before it all went viral, his wife was already in the loop about his cheating.

“Yes, by the time it exploded, I was all aware of what was happening that there was a third party,” She said

Terence looking all regretful shared his story saying,

“She is my friend. There is one thing I respect about Chebet. This may sound selfish but. She has been there for me. A lot of people who have been involved with whatever was happening they have been involved with Terence creative. Chebet has been there for Lawrence Mwangi Macharia when I was gambling, smoking an addict when I was ratchet and a chokora no one would admire me, they were not there. I really apologize because to some extent, I lost it and betrayed her. I forgot where we came from because of fame and money. I had to slap myself back to reality. I felt so bad.  I had messed up because I dragged her into something she was not supposed to be in. She is my wife, she will come through for me and defend me as any wife would do.

It is sad that the society has made it other way. Whoever is right is wrong. That guy is bad leave that guy. You do not wake up and wrap up 7 years.”

Milly was categorical and said that the opinion people have of their relationship is purely on them and nothing to do with the couple.

“People told me what am I doing with that cheat the worst thing was to stay. I was like I know our joys and I know when we had our best”

Terence added they are using that experience to move forward as a family.

“What made me have closure was that he spoke the truth in as much as it was so painful. We have learned because we have heard what people have said, those who have come before us.” Milly explained how she moved on past it all

“And the best thing is to forgive each other and forgive yourself,” Terence added

They ended the segment with Betty saying,

Kamati ya makasiriko na roho chafu tumewasamehea (we have forgiven them all)

It is a new year so hopefully, for the couple, the past will remain as that, the past and they will move on to create more videos and content for their loyal fans.