Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe have started off The Morning Conversation on Kiss Fm with a topic they feel needs to be taken seriously.

They cited research that suggested that the level at which women are using modern-day contraceptives is slowly but surely decreasing.

Both agree that it is about time women realize that contraception is very important because not everyone is ready to be a parent.

"I do not think everyone is meant to be a parent. You need to take full control of your body. In 2020 there is not time for oops baby. Men will never do it and it is your body that will change. All the chics we went to school with we are only three who do not have children." Kamene says

Andrew Kibe was also clear that one can think it is not a man's problem from the beginning but eventually when the baby is born, it is your problem.

"At the point of making the baby, it is not my problem but after the baby comes, it is full-on my responsibility. We need to embrace contraceptives. Stop that narrative for children are a blessing. If you have no money to take care of your child how is that a blessing?"

Kibe added that it is sad that no one talks about se3 to a young boy or girl because they say it is a taboo.

"My parents never talked to me about sex. I learned through movies. At about 11 is when a boy realizes that there is something going on in your body. A girl gets her periods and that is when nature is saying you're ready to produce. We need to have this conversation. This is how you will survive until you're ready. In class 7 I used to wonder why is it I am craving for a woman. And no one told me"He added

Kamene and Kibe are categorical that contraceptives are very important in this day and age. A conversation many need to have.