terence and anita
terence and anita
Terence Creative spent the last quarter of 2019 apologizing to his wife, Milly Chebby for cheating on her. Heck, he still does.

The couple was featured on The Weekend With Betty and he apologized to his wife on national Tv for cheating on her and said that time was a lesson in their marriage, a mistake never to be repeated.

Well based on the screenshots Anita Sonia posted, this could just be a rumor. Terence according to the screenshot has been calling her as recent as a week ago and seems like she has blocked him because the calls never seem to go through.

He is so desperate that he askes her why she is ignoring him but still no response.

According to their interview with Betty, Milly mentioned that she was well aware of what the called 'the third party'. The question now is, if she is aware the third party is still in the picture?

Last week, Anita and Terence aka Kamami went at each other with subliminal posts. Anita who is a tree planting ambassador posted her projects and Terence was quick to comment saying,

I think we can do better than tree planting-avoid cutting trees

Anita replied saying,

People who tell me about sijui my brand, my that. I don't give a f**k. I don't plant trees for a brand. I conserve the environment because it's my duty to and of #climateemergency

Swahili saying 'wapiganao ndiyo wapendanao' could just be true.