It might look all rosy on social media, but as you were busy partying, Ted Josiah was broke he had to stay home with baby Jay.

He went on a date with his daughter after she dressed up and told him they need to go out. She is just too cute he gave in to her request because it has been more than a month since they went out.

Tedd narrated how the night started off saying

GOD IS GREAT!!! 🤲🏽🙏🏼Last night made me understand life in a whole new way. #HRH Her Royal Highness #Empress#GummyBear 👑🐻🐾🐾🐾 had her bath 🛁 chose a dress 👗 and asked me “we go car 🚙 “ (let’s go somewhere) I mean every lady has that dress that makes her feet itchy and she just needs to go out somewhere to show it off!! 😂😂😂😂. So we went on our 1st dinner 🍽 date which brought tears to my eyes cause she’s growing, she’s becoming an amazing little person with a mind of her own.

He then revealed that December was a tough month for them because they were forced to stay home throughout because they did not have as much money to spend outside the comfort of their home.

"most of all we could afford a meal out while in December we were so broke that we spent Christmas and new years indoors with papa doing the cooking (am not complaining)."He added

Tedd also made sure the fathers and fathers to be have some solid advice when it comes to raising children.

As a father, it’s only dawned on me that love for ur children doesn’t mean only buying them stuff but it also means spending time just the two of u one on one with each child and getting to hear them speak, laugh and be themselves.

Money and gifts are good to please your child, but time is more important because according to Tedd, they had an amazing night out.