daddy owen
daddy owen
Daddy Owen says Papa Dennis was overcome by pressure in the music industry. Having been in the industry for long, Daddy Owen says he understands how the music industry can change a person.

Speaking exclusively yesterday, he said, "This industry we are in can end up changing who you are because, at some point, it pushes you to be who you are not. You start doing things to satisfy your fans," he said.

Papa came from a very humble background, joined the Sadat Muhindi-owned Maliza Umaskini, where he was doing so well but later on, he left.

"Papa started struggling after that, which left him depressed," Owen said.

Owen says Papa had pressure from the industry to maintain his stardom, which is not a good thing.

"In most cases, we hear stories of people who were good before fame, but when they gained the stardom status, they became different people. What I know is that people are different. Some people cannot stand the pressure. Very few people can understand, handle and come out of the pressure strong," he said.

Papa Dennis was found dead on Saturday midnight.

Daddy Owen was among the first people to get to the scene after he was informed of what had happened to one of his close friends.

Upon reaching, he found that the scene had been deserted, with only four people next to the lifeless body.

According to his girlfriend, Papa kept on saying he was depressed. He was in a studio session at Nairobi Records, owned by legendary producer Mash Mjukuu, when he stormed out of the room and fell from the 7th floor of the Ngara building and died immediately.

The cause of his death was unclear. A post-mortem was conducted yesterday.