It's clapback season and it seems like Anerlisa Muigai hataki makasiriko. Well, the businesswoman threw shade at a fan who was hating on her relationship with Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.

"prettydragons" commented "Zaman ben angesha comment my wifey siku hizi analike tu we ben tunakuzoom" (Before Ben would comment "My Wifey" right now, he simply likes, we are zooming you)

This didn't go well with Anerlisa who responded to the fan saying

so you want him to comment to prove to people that he still loves me...nonsense. people like you are the people who make people keep their relationships out of the public eye because you think you know everything about them.

The fan went on to comment

"prettydragons" anerlisa, exactly u should keep it private, when u put it in public we follow up, and we share our minds

This comes just days after Pol revealed that he has paid dowry and is set for the white wedding this year.

Here are responses from other fans;


@prettydragons it is their relationship, u gt nothing to share as it is up to them and they know what they are doing.Acha uswahili.


🤣🤣🤣2020 haitaki makasiriko


wacha makasiriko its in public so that we share😆


@anerlisa ❤️😘😘 you have said the truth congrats


@anerlisa forget that pseudo account. People are just bitter out here over other people small wins. Keep doing you ❤


@anerlisa what a dose you've given him which to me was unnecessary coz you owe nobody no explanation...this part of beings never understands..kujichokesha tuu..


@anerlisa why are you even wasting your time engaging with her? Please don’t engage .. Looking lovely 😘😘


@prettydragons says someone who is in pseudo account ata hajiamini...



@anerlisa if it was private hatungejua but you wanted us to know lmaoooooo


@anerlisa saa mbona unakua moto kwake ?kuna mtu kuitwa wifey ni aibu ? Alaaah unatuanguasha dada etu.