It looks like Valentines day is bringing a lot to the table this time around.

Chipukeezy has decided that he is going to launch his ongoing comedy career on Valentines day.

He is planning to start the chipukeezy comedy club in association with urban burger, which is sure to be his venue for this great step. Besides his fight against drugs.

The famous comedian seems to be making major moves lately.

Chipukeezy informed his fans on his Instagram post that he will be launching a club for the 'love of his life' (comedy). He plans to do this on the day people show love to their loved ones, 14th February.

On his post, Chipukeezy captioned the feed;

As Valentines is coming, I’ve found myself reflecting on my true first love comedy

She’s always been there come rain OR sunshine. we sometimes struggle, she’s given me a life I wouldn’t trade for anything. She’s placed me in board rooms and on flights to display her beauty worldwide

We share a romance that all tele-novas try to encapsulate and most people don’t understand.

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be speaking to all of you today. I wouldn’t have the job I do now and I probably wouldn’t even be saying what I’m saying now. ,This is a gift I was blessed with by God and have used from my primary school days. Without it, I wouldn’t be me.

Join me as I celebrate and launch chipukeezy comedy club partnership with for amazing food,funny vibes, great laughs

Well, I am sure chipukeezy's fans will fully support him through this great step. Who knows, it may just be successful as expected.