Wahu and Nameless must be one of the lucky few who had the divine opportunity to take a romantic trip this Valentine's day.

Nameless came through to demystify the theory that Kikuyu men are not romantic. He organized a well thought out plan for his wife, complete with champagne and red roses. From the pictures they posted, the two spent the day in white robes and we all know what that means.

It must be nice to be either of them.

Most lasses out here just want flowers, yet Nameless has gone overboard planning a romantic getaway.

Wahu posted the pictures and captioned them saying,

Settling in to have a couples spa treatment at the Bamboo Ocean spa [email protected] .... let me tell you.... the view alone from the spa rooms is such therapy!!! Overlooking a cliff, hearing the ocean...I love it!  I'm soooooooooo happy!!! Meanwhile, he's pointing at the ship he'll buy me one day 👀👀 Wacha nisicheke nisijiharibie 🤭

The beds at the background had towels folded in the shape of a se3 toy and one of her followers noticed and commented saying,

"is that a se* toy I am seeing in the background? or am I seeing my own things?" Follower asked

Wahu innocently answered saying,

Woi it is a piece of clothe

People are out here trying to corrupt the mind of a Christiaan who is working to build her faith.

Here are pictures of their cute romantic valentines room: