Kamene and Kibe are once again on different pages this Valentine's day.

The 14 of February is a bittersweet day for some and to others, it is an all so glorious day full of flowers, wine, chocolates and trips.

Kamene was among the lucky few who got flowers from a man she did not want to mention but that made Kibe mad. Not because he is jealous, but because of what he calls the rubbishness behind Valentines day.

"Today is going to be a competition for gifts. The reception is full of flowers and wine and they do not know who is drinking this wine with your girlfriend. It is a rubbish move to buy a woman flowers. A man walking around with flowers I do not advocate for that rubbish. Flowers are the most useless gift to send someone. There is a man who has ksh500 in his pocket but he will struggle to buy flowers and chocolate. Today send money to your mother and father. They care about you and vice versa. Women usually just take the flowers then throw them in the dustbin at night." Kibe said

Kamene, who is always a lady full of love, mentioned to her listeners especially the men that they should not listen to Kibe because they will die single.

"Please men, do not listen to Kibe because you will get home and furniture will start moving from the house one at a time. Utabaki pekee yako."Kamene adviced

Kibe took it upon himself to further advise ladies who will be getting the thrusting of a man this night to tomorrow. Simple, ladies need to have an extra pair of shoes in their bag. See today many ladies will be in heels and then they'll be taken to the guys home but the next day they'll be using matatu's to go back to their house.

ladies before you leave the house today, make sure you have carried flat shoes in your bag alongside a change of clothes for tomorrow because we do not want embarrassment hapo kwa stage.

Who do you side with? Kamene or Kibe?

You know I love love, so men shower your women with flowers and chocolates.