Bien Amie and Chiki Kuruka are such a cute couple and they want y'all to know that they are each other's yin to their yang.

This was a week of love and Chiki had to mark her territory. She put out a video of the two and captioned,

Bien Aime Sol no one else I'd want to have by my side to be crazy with.

If you follow either of the two on social media it is clear they are a fun couple. They dance together in funny cute videos and they hustle together. Goals right?

The pressure the two have from their fans is their wedding day. After Bien went down on one knee last year, the next step his fans expect from them is a white wedding.

Last we spoke to him, he mentioned that he is not part of the planning he has left it all to Chiki. He is just waiting to say 'I do'. The pressure is too much last time Chiki blew up saying that yes she is well away aware that it is time to get married.

Kiss100 will keep you on the loop when this day finally comes. Trust us.