tanasha valentines 1
tanasha valentines 1
Seems like Tanasha and Diamond have patched things up.

Last time we checked, she was not in the best of her moods during her EP, Donnatella launch held a few weeks ago.

Diamond ditched her to go attend to 'a serious family matter'. Next thing we see manz is with his ex and then later he was with his family celebrating his sister, Esma's, birthday. Could that have been his 'emergency'?

14th of February was a different day for different people and Tanasha was back home with her amore. The two alongside their son, Naseeb Junior landed in Kenya yesterday ahead of Diamonds event to be held today in Naivasha.

Tanasha was in full support of her man yet he did not do the same for her all because he did not get a grand acceptance at the airport.

As is his norm, Diamond did not post any sweet Valentine's message to his girlfriend. Though she was on social media showering love to him. They enjoyed a night full of entertainment from dancers and then the hotel gave them a cake engraved, Happy Valentines Day my Love'.

Tanasha posted a video of the cake and Diamond thanking him for the cake as he wished her a happy Valentine's day.

Thank you mi amor for a special night & a Happy Valentines Day to you all. Let us always remember to love each other every other day, & not just today. ❤️🙏🏽❤️ #lovewins

Maybe this day gives him bad memories because it will forever be the day Zari Hassan publicly dumped him. Could this be the reason he is not going all out this year like he usually does?

Tanasha has left a bad taste in both the media's mouth and Kenyan fans. Last time she left having mistreated the media during her EP launch and then the next week she seemed remorseful and offered to give a few media houses interviews but cancelled on all of them and flew back to Tanzania.

We wish Diamond a fantastic show today and all the best in his relationship with Tanasha Donna.