wyre son
wyre son
Wyre the lovechild has learned and perfected the art of keeping his private life exactly that, private.

It is rare actually we have never seen or heard him in any form of controversies or scandals yet some of his fellow artistes thrive on them.

Wyre has managed to keep them away from social media or public limelight.

Even when he married the love of his life, the wedding was done secretly and most of us got to know about it days later.

In an invite-only ceremony a few years ago, he renewed his vows with the love of his life, Hanifa at Lerruat Log Resort in Kajiado County. Wyre made sure that his wife felt as loved as the first day they said 'I Do' to each other.

Well, Wyre is blessed with one boy who has not been spotted in public. He even did a song called 'Lion' that he dedicated to his son.

Well, we got a hold of a never before seen photo of Wyre's son and I must say he's the spitting image of his father. He's such a cutie pie.

Check out the photo below;