Akothee's life is certainly our source of entertainment.

Just recently she was called ou for being a bad role model to young girls after she entertained the crowd in Watamu by opening her legs.

Akothee promised those calling her out including the media that she will not stop opening her legs as that is how she earns her money to feed her family.

With this new story trending, we realized Akothee has certain phases you once you hear them, best believe that is Akothee or a fan of Akothee is imitating her.

Here are the common hilarious phrases she is known for:

  1. Callpolis

This one came after she was called out for being a poor role model and so she said in the case you feel it is a crime then go ahead and call the police for her to be arrested for the 'crime'.

2. Hi B**ches

This one is my favorite. Whenever she wants to post something that she knows will cause an alarm, she will start the video with that phrase, laugh and then drop a bombshell

3. Akothee this...Akothee that...

There is always a story about her whether she does good or bad, we always find ourselves talking about her. She had promised that this year she will try to live a silent life to let others prosper in 2019, but clearly that has failed.

This phrase is when she hits number one trending topic on social media, she will always go live telling her followers to calm down because everyday haters wake up it's all about Akothee.

4. Hallo

Another common phrase when she wants to drive a point home.

5. Sumbua Tariff

Another funny phrase. The president of single mothers always says that the people who are so quick to troll her are idle people who use bundles and not WIFI to write those nasty comments so she is usually the cause why many people buy bundles. Sumbua meaning, disturb. So she will definitely almost always disturb the tariffs selling bundles.

6. Call government to come arrest me

When she is dealing with her business and people troll her saying she has used men's money to build her empire, she uses the phrase above.

One thing Kenyans love about Akothee is her boldness and the fact that not even government officials will stop her from doing what she loves.