Ladies have been cheering on Vanessa Mdee for upgrading from her ex after the news broke out that she is dating 'Power' star, Rotimi.

She has been working hard during the breakup period. She even made it as one of East Africa Got Talent judges and now that it is over, she felt she needed a break.

The first matter arising pertaining to her vacation was her location. Once this was sorted, she went with the new man in her life, Rotimi.

We took a look at both their Instagram videos and we deciphered that they are both at the same place in as much they did not show each others faces.

They were both in Miami, Florida enjoying some hookah and at night they had a bathtub moment. It was all set up for a romantic night.

In as much as she has moved on, you can tell she has picked a man who shares a few similarities with her ex, Juma Jux.

Here are a few examples with attached pictures to justify my findings.

  1. Rotimi and Juma Jux both clean up well. Well-fitting suits and when they decide to go casual, they pick kakis or some fancy silk shirts and their jewelry game is always 100.

2. They both have amazing bodies. What most women look for in a man is abs and guns. Plus to add to that they like posing without shirts and their tattoo game is very interesting.

3. Rotimi and Jux are both RnB artistes. They sing those songs that make you wanna leave the one you're with and consider becoming their lady. Maybe those lines are what got Vanessa head over heels for them.

4. They have nice big pink lips. Now we all know women love such lips. And it like they carry lip balm in their pockets because they are always moisturized. 

Love is a beautiful thing and in as much as I wish I was Vanessa Mdee, I wish her all the best in her new relationship. We should probably expect a Tanzanian, Nigerian collaboration.