Diamond surprised his followers after posting a picture of all the women who have been and are currently in his life, to mark International Womens day.

With all the drama he has caused in the past two weeks, we expected to see him appreciate only his sisters and mother. I mean he is not on good terms with his exes but lo and behold.

Diamond put his mother Sandra and his daughter Tiffah in the middle of the picture who was surrounded by all the other women in his life including his first love, Wema Sepetu.

Of course this woke the social media investigators, trolls, lawyers, mothers girlfriends, etc.

Queen Darleen in an interview yesterday was asked to comment on that picture that caused so much fracas online.

"It feels good to be a woman who has made an impact in his life and as a woman to be celebrated on this day. Feels good he knows my value as I appreciate his value too." Queen Dareleen shared

She added saying,

Diamond posted that picture because he knows what position the different women hold in his life and their value so only he knows why he posted them. When I saw the picture I was happy he knows the value of the women he has been with in his life and also us as his siblings.

When asked to name the top five most influential women in her life she mentioned

 my biological mother, myself, Mama Dangote, Esma, and my aunty (mama mdogo)

Asked to crown the one superwoman from Diamonds exes, she jokingly said she cannot understand what the journalist is asking. He insisted and she answered saying,

All of them are superwomen in their own level because he put them all.

Queen Darleen has been going through a lot of trolling from Tanzanian blogs, so many claim she decided to get married only because she wanted to have a child.

"Just to let you know, if and when I get pregnant, I will not abort. I swore that I will never get a child off marriage and now that I am married and fertile what's stopping me? I did not get married just for a child. God has blessed me with a man so why shouldn't I procreate as per his commandments?" Queen said

Rumors have also been out there that she is not in good terms with her in-laws, claims she refuted saying we should just watch this space.

'And for those saying my in-laws do not like me, let them be told we love each other very much. As per what people are saying that now my co-wife has no position in my husband's life, I cannot speak about it because I have not been given permission to do so. Until my husband gives me the go-ahead to speak on my marriage, then I will but for now, I shall remain silent." Darleen

People should just let her live her life as a newly married woman in peace.