diamond and darleen
diamond and darleen
Lava Lava and Queen Darleen, Diamond's sister have teamed up to release a song, Bachea and in the song, they address a lot of issues when it comes to their love life.

One thing that stood out is that Lava Lava is not ready to love again. He doesn't want the stress that comes with it. Queen Darleen has tried as much as possible to convince him love is a beautiful thing.

He gave an example of the dilemma surrounding Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna’s love life saying such drama is what he is avoiding.

"Dada Darleen acha kunichachafya. Uliza kilomkuta Dangote, sijui kangombana na Tanasha ametu-unfollow wote. (Sister Darleen stop pretending. Ask Diamond what aspired for him, Apparently, he is not in good terms with Tanasha and now she has unfollowed us all.)" Lava Lava lyrics read

Darleen answered him saying,

Mapenzi ya siku hizi shemeji Lokole mwongoza umbea mkigombana tu kashatizi Insta nzima yameshaenea (When it comes to love these das, our dear friend, Lokole will lead the gossip on Instagram teasing around and spilling the tea)

From those lyrics, the WCB members just like Diamonds sister, Esma are still wondering why they were blocked. They have not wronged her in any way so they feel it is uncalled for.

For the past few weeks, Diamond and Tanasha have been the talk of town after their sudden but expected break up.